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Fruitful Orphanage and Day care

Fruitful Orphanage was established in 2014 and is dedicated to providing food, shelter and education to orphaned children in Arusha. Many children in Tanzania have suffered displacement and continue to suffer losses, which have led us to commit to the ongoing and unmet needs of our community displaced to the street and resettlement communities within Tanzania. Fruitful Orphanage was conceived with a vision to create a peaceful society where children grow to achieve their full basic needs.


  • To provide shelter for orphaned children
  • To provide water and sanitation facilities to orphaned children
  • To provide basic food provisions for widows, orphans, and families in need
  • To sponsor orphans and maintain their physical and spiritual upbringing


Have a peaceful society where children develop to their full basic needs and live a productive life


Fruitful Orphanage is dedicated to ensuring that orphaned children in Tanzania are given basic needs in terms of food, shelter, education and equal right.

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